Independence Weekend 2013: A Lot of Planning, Some Work and a Little Play

Blue Haven Farm - die Blohaafe Bauerei

I ended up with a four day weekend over the Independence Day holiday and while that would seem like a perfect time to get a good amount of work done, I decided to take a little break. I ended up at the Kutztown Folk Festival on the 4th and bought a wind spinner for the yard. With the green, blue and clear beads and black metal, it was a perfect piece for the yard!


I finished getting all the wallpaper off the half bath walls and painted the room in a light neutral color. I found an old ceramic box that matches the toilet and put an aloe plant in that. So now even the mustard yellow toilet looks ok! For now!


And, I cleared some more weeds/overgrowth from the planting beds and uncovered the cornerstones. That provided a surprise: it looks like the rear addition was actually built in 1907…

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