Moving Day

Blue Haven Farm - die Blohaafe Bauerei

Well, all good plans of mice and men!

I intended to get to the house prior to the movers arriving so I could take “before” pictures unencumbered and without furniture, boxes, etc. in the way. Alas, settlement was delayed and the movers were waiting on me!

So the “before” pictures you’ll see have boxes and all my stuff all over the house. And, since I was getting help that first weekend, the carpets (that were dingy and stained) have already been torn out of the second floor. The good news is that there were hardwood floors under said carpets albeit painted. But, it’s nothing a good stripping, sanding and refinishing won’t fix. I also already replaced the old, dirty and stained mini blinds in the master bedroom and bathroom with room darkening roller shades.

I’m trying – and it’s a difficult task for me – to not spend money unnecessarily on things that will eventually…

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