Necessary Nasties

Blue Haven Farm - die Blohaafe Bauerei

In the past few weeks, I’ve had to deal with some distractions – my 12-year-old, 80 pound dog decided to injure himself (still not sure what he did but he is healing so that’s a relief) and my car’s timing chain went which led me to a new car as the most fiscally sound decision. The upside is that the new car matches the house better anyway! LOL Once those items were dealt with, I was able to refocus on the Farm. As much as I want to start work on the fun stuff, I’m finding that there are some things that require immediate attention.

I finished cleaning the floors on the second floor. When we ripped out the carpets, two of the bedrooms’ padding left behind a nasty, sticky residue. The black adhesive-like substance stuck to the bottom of shoes and was getting tracked all over the house. If…

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