Winter Blues to Winter Muse: Reflections on the Farm

Blue Haven Farm - die Blohaafe Bauerei

I must admit winter is my least favorite season. Most years, I take something of a hibernation period during winter catching up on books and TV shows or movies and just planning for the spring. This year was no different in that I used the winter to plan for upcoming changes around the farm. But, as if to remind me why I so dislike winter, this particular one was for the record books. The first snowflake fell before winter even officially began at the beginning of December. We ended up having the third snowiest winter for the region. More days with high temperatures below freezing than is normal. It was literally warmer in Alaska than in southern New Jersey this winter! And, as I write this in the beginning of March, there’s actually the possibility for more snow in the coming week. Old Man Winter just does not want to give it up!

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