Happy Anniversary!

Today marks one year since I made Oak Haven Farm my home. A lot has been done already, although to me it still feels like not enough. Of course, anyone who know me well, knows that I won’t feel like it’s enough until I can complain that I don’t have anything left to do! But here’s a quick flashback on what I have accomplished in the first year here on the farm.

Getting the wallpaper (and matching curtains) off the walls was priority number one. I still have to tackle the borders in the master bedroom and small guest bedroom and the wallpaper in the larger guest bedroom but at least the first floor has been de-papered.




And, of course, getting the carpet out of the kitchen was a close second. I also started refinishing the cabinets and replaced the countertops. The dishwasher and range both needed to be replaced. Finally, I installed an inexpensive beadboard backsplash and new faucet.

kitchen carpet removed

kitchen beadboard backsplash

A couple of functional aspects were addressed. The furnace was serviced and a new ignitor needed to be installed. The AC unit, which I was told had a bad motor, was also serviced and found to only have an incorrectly installed capacitor; so now I have central air conditioning. And, the hot water heater sprung a leak and needed to be replaced.
Water Heater

With the spring, my focus turned to the outdoors. I cleaned up a few planting beds and got in my herb and vegetable garden complete with my Butzemann Hans.

Eastern Dining Flower Bed


Porch Western Flower Bed


Garage Flower Bed


And, finally, for our anniversary, I got the house a new garage door.
Garage Door

Stay tuned; there’s much more to come!

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