Best Laid Plans (2021 Edition)

Work did get done on the farm last year. Unfortunatley, the supply chain issues even affected us.

The plan was to renovate the front guest bedroom. The project is 95% complete but I had to wait for some materials to finish that last 5%. The materials arrived around the Autumn holidays and, with all the activities of said holidays, not least of which is the annual Halloween party, plus the end of year holidays and activities, that meant the installation had to wait. I plan to finish that work in the beginning of this year and when it’s complete, I’ll share that project.

I did manage to complete one project. The Bilco doors were finally replaced. The old ones were rusted and leaking horribly. I had them tarped over for almost the entire time I’ve lived here. (Can’t believe it’ll be 9 years this May!!!) SJ Waterproofing did the replacement for me. They did a great job with the doors and fixing the surrounding concrete. Here are some photos of the before and after. It’s nice to not have the eyesore of the tarp on my patio and even better to know that they are weathertight.

I’m currently planning the 2022 projects. If all goes as intended, the 2nd floor including the main bedroom suite and hallway will be finished this year. Finally getting rid of my cake icing ceiling!!! 😀