Adventures in the Apiary

One of my goals with this property is to reintroduce agricultural elements. Since I have a day job that sometimes requires travel, raising and tending livestock is pretty much out of the question…except for bees!

Bees are pretty self-sufficient and require minimal attention from us humans. In recent years, with all of the pesticides and herbacides being used, bees have become threatened and some would even say endangered. But, bees are essential to food production. Without them (and other pollinators), our food supply will be detrimentally affected.

Did you know that bees have a flight radius of 3 miles? Pretty impressive. But, it’s also why that even when a beekeeper is not using harmful chemicals on their property, the bees can still encounter them on their foraging flights.

Oak Haven Farm is home to an apiary, or bee yard. I manage them organically meaning that their supplemental feed is in the form of organic cane sugar water and that the pest management treatments are organic in nature. The honey itself can not be classified as organic because I can’t guarantee what they’re encountering on their flights. But I do my best to ensure that what they get at home is chemical free.

I’ll be sharing all the fun that goes with Beekeeping from time to time.